XXtalents - Die Jobbörse für Spezialistinnen und weibliche Führungskräfte - Stellenangebote - Software Engineer (f/m/d)
We (the Aleph Alpha Engineering Team) develop and maintain various services and codebases. The most prominent are the customer-facing Aleph Alpha API and our Playground UI. We also help with Data Preprocessing and Inference.
  • You are a Software Engineer: You acquired knowledge in Software Engineering beyond coding, transcending languages and technologies, such as:
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Test Driven Development
    • Domain Driven Design
  • You are a good mentor: We expect you to pass your knowledge and experience on to your Team Members.
  • You are humble: There is probably something to learn from everybody on the team.
  • You are an explainer: A lot of decisions we make together. If the team does not understand your idea, it is unlikely we can act on it. We believe that a piece of code is an explanation detailed enough to be understood by a machine, so we might take your ability to structure your ideas and thoughts in communication as a proxy for your skill in structuring Software.
  • You have a keen eye for long feedback cycles and seek to shorten them.
  • You are focused on the outcome: You understand moving tickets in a Jira board has no merit on its own, but value needs to be delivered to users.

We (the Aleph Alpha Product Team) are responsible for the following domains:

  • Operating LLMs both in our SaaS offering and on-premise deployments
  • Discovering and evaluating state-of-the-art usage of LLMs
  • Designing APIs, UIs, and libraries to give users a consistent mental model of how to use our technology

Depending on your strengths, you would work in one or more of these areas.
For a lot of our code, we use Rust because it produces very maintainable code that is easy to deploy and operate, but we also use Python for its extensive ecosystem in the domain of AI. Our front-end code is typically built with React or Svelte. Our GPU inference is done using PyTorch.

  • You will take responsibility with the team to develop, maintain, document, and operate our services.
  • We expect you to become helpful in all areas and strive for excellence in some.
  • You will also shape the specification of the use cases and the technical design with our stakeholders and the rest of the team.

From Senior candidates we expect you to not only pick up on the team’s values but also to improve upon them from your own experience. May it be in terms of Software Design, Code Aesthetics, or Process.

You will join a Product Team that strives to deliver value to internal and external users daily. We can not promise that everything you work on will be fun, but we make sure everything you work on is important and meaningful. Expect to work closely together with your teammates and a high amount of inter-team communication due to methodologies like Pair or Mob Programming.
You can also expect:

  • Competitive compensation
  • 30 Days of paid vacation
  • Flexible working hours
  • Regular team events

Aleph Alpha was founded in 2019 with the mission to research and build the foundational technology for an era of strong AI. The team of international scientists, engineers, and innovators researches, develops, and deploys transformative AI like large language and multimodal models and runs the fastest European commercial AI cluster. Its generative AI solutions are the only choice for enterprises and governmental institutions seeking to retain independence, secure their data, and build trustworthy solutions.

Um dich für diesen Job zu bewerben, besuche bitte alephalpha.jobs.personio.de.

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